Applications of straight stitch – SINGER W1122 User Manual

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Applications of Straight


A. Seams

The normal stitch length for most
fabrics is 3, but the length chosen
should depend on the fabric and
area of usage. Usually, heavier
fabrics require longer stitches, and

lighter weight fabrics require
shorter stitches. For curved seams
and bias cut areas use a shorter
stitch length to add strength and
elasticity to the seam.

B. Basting/Topstitching

Sewing a seam with a longer
stitch is useful for temporary
seams prior to fitting. Basting
stitches also may be used when
gathering in fullness. Topstitching
can be done very effectively with
the long straight stitch. For a

bolder stitch, two threads of the
sametype can be threaded through
one needle (size 14 or 16). A
heavier thread such as buttonhole
twist may be usedfortopstitching,
but be sure to use a larger needle

(size 16 or 18). Basting instructions

in glossary.