Needles, Thread, To remove the bobbin – SINGER 142W25 User Manual

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Fig. 2. Oiling Points and Adjustments at Rear of Machine

Fig. 3. End View of Machine, Showing Oiling Points

Oil the bobbin case bearing In the sewing hook race each time

a bobbin Is replaced.


Needles for Machine 142w25 are of Class and Variety 135 x 1

and are made

In sizes Nos. 12 to 24.

The size

of the needle to be used should

be determined by


size of the thread which should pass freely

through the eye of

the needle. If rough or uneven thread Is used or If It


with difficulty through the eye of the needle, the successful use

of the machine will be Interfered with.

Orders for needles must specify the QUANTITY required, the

SIZE number, also the CLASS and VARIETY numbers separated by the



The following is an example of an Intelligible order:

"100 No. 16 135


1 Needles."

The best results will be obtained when using the needles fur­

nished by the Singer Sewing Machine Company.


Left twist thread should be used In the needle. Either right

or left twist.can be used In the bobbin.


Hold the thread as shown above. Turn the thread over touir'1

you between the thumb and the forefinger of the right hand; if

left twist, the strands will wind tighter; If right twist, the

strands will unwind.

To Remove the Bobbin

Open the cylinder end cover cap (J,Flg.6) by p’" sing down

with the thumb nail Inserted In the slot. Open the in case

latch (H,Flg.6) and remove the bobbin.