SINGER 142W25 User Manual

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er Threading

Pass the thread from the spool or unwinder, from back to

front through the lower hole In the pin on top of the machine and

Fig. 7. Upper Threading

from right to left through upper hole in pin, from right to left

through the top hole (1), from left to right through the center

hole (2) and from right to left through the bottom hole (3) In

the thread guide at the front of the machine, down under from

right to left between the tension discs (4), up Into the fork

(5) of the thread controller against the pressure of the thread

controller spring, through the thread guide (6), from right to’

left through the take-up lever (7), down through the thread guide

(8), through the thread guides (9 and 10), through the hole (11)

In the lower end of the needle bar and from right to left through

the eye of the needle (12). Draw about three Inches of thread

through the eye of the needle with which to commence sewing.

To Prepare for Sewing

With the left hand hold the end of the needle thread,leaving

It slack from the hand to the needle. Turn the balance wheel

over toward you until the needle moves down and up again to Its

highest point, thus catching the bobbin thread; draw up the

needle thread and the bobbin thread will come up with It through

the needle hole. Lay the threads back under the presser foot.

To Commence Darning

Place the work under the presser foot. Having the unworn

part of the work near the hole under the needle, commence the

Fig. 8. Darning In Process

Fig. 9. Darning Finished

darning by making a line of stitches across the hole a little

longer than the width of the hole. Continue making parallel

lines of stitches across the hole, moving the work backward and

forward and at the same time gradually moving the work sidewise

until the hole Is covered with lines of stitches running across

the hole. Then commence as before and move the work lengthwise

of the hole until the stitches across the hole are completely

covered and the darn Is finished.

When darning flat work. It Is advisable to use embroidery

hoops to hold the work.

To Remove the Work

Stop the machine with the thread take-up lever (7,Fig.7) at

Its highest point, and press the tension release lever (A,Fig.2)

to the left to release the tension. Draw the work backward and

cut the threads close to the goods, leaving two or three Inches

of thread with which to commence sewing. The tension Is auto­

matically reengaged.