To wind the bobbin, To thread the bobbin case, To set the needle – SINGER 142W25 User Manual

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To Wind the Bobbin

(See Fig. 5)

Fasten the bobbin winder to the table with its driving pulley

in front of the machine belt, so that the pulley will drop away

from the belt when sufficient thread has been wound upon the


Fig. 5. Winding the Bobbin

Place the bobbin on the bobbin winder spindle and push it on

as far as It will go.

Pass the thread down through the thread guide (l) in the ten­

sion bracket, around the back and between the tension discs (2).

Then wind the end of the thread around the bobbin a few times,

push the bobbin winder pulley over against the machine belt, and

start the machine.

When sufficient thread has been wound upon the bobbin, the

bobbin winder will stop automatically.

If the thread does not wind evenly on the bobbin, loosen the

screw (A) In the tension bracket and move the bracket to the

right or left, as may be required, then tighten the screw.

The amount of thread wound on the bobbin Is regulated by the

screw (B). To wind more thread on the bobbin, turn the screw (B)

Inwardly. To wind less thread on the bobbin, turn this screw


Bobbins can be wound while the machine is stitching.

To Thread the Bobbin Case

Place the bobbin In the bobbin case, with the thread leading

from the top toward you; hold the thread with the right hand and

Fig. 6, Threading Bobbin Case

guide it Into the notch (K,Flg,6), then close the latch (H); draw

the thread up to the top of the slot (D,Flg.6) and close the cap

( J ) .

To Set the Needle

Turn the balance wheel over toward you until the needle bar

Is at Its highest point; loosen the set screw In the lower end of

the needle bar and put the needle up Into the bar as far as It

will go with Its long groove toward the right and the eye of the

needle directly in line with the cylinder bed of the machine,then

tighten the set screw.