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performance checklist

Make sure



electricai plug is properly

Turn on power and light switch.

Turn hand wheel toward you to raise

needle above fabric or throat plate be­

fore making ad|u$tments to stitch width
or need le position.

Use a ball-point (yellow band) needle to
sew nylon tricot and synthetic double-


Use high-lift presser bar setimg to place

heavy fabric m6er presser foot

Start and finish sewing with take-up

lever in its highest position.

Ad|ust stitch length, pressure, and
threap tension to suit your fabric.


Is the maohme properly threaded?

Is the bobbin case properly threaded?

Is thread unwinding freely from spool?

Is the needle securely tightened in

needle clamp?

Is the needle straight?

Is the thread suitable for the size of the

needle and free of slobs and knots?

Test stitch on a fabric sample before
starting a sewing job.

Replace bent or burred needles.

Lower presser foot before setting pres-


Tighten hand-wheel knob after winding

a bobbin.

Use the zig-zag throat plate and zig-zag

foot for all zig-zag stitching, and for
straight stitching in L (left) or R (right)
needle positions.

Remove feed cover throat plate after

button sewing and after free-motion
darning or embroidery.

Sew at a moderate speed (SLOW speed

setting) when using the straight stretch

or ric-rac pattern^

• Is the spool-pin felt being used under

the thread spool?

♦ Is the needle-thread tension too tlght7

« Is the bobbin-thread tension too tight?

• Is the bobbin-case area free of lint and

loose thread ends?

* Are the thread guides and tension discs

also free of lint?


♦ Is the presser foot down?

♦ Is pressure dial adjusted properly for

the v>/elght and texture of your fabric?

♦ Is the stitch control dial properly set?

♦ Are you using the feed- cover th roat

plate instead of the regular throat plate7

If you have any questions, please write to:


of Sewing Education

The Singer Company

30 Rockefeller Plaza, New York, N.Y. 10020


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