SINGER W1213 User Manual

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I. Feattires and Parts

Principle Parts

Picture Window

pictures the stitches and allows for easy selection.

Descriptive Tension Dial

regulates the amount of tension on the needle


Take-Up Lever

regulates the flow of thread throu^ the needle.

It has an open-slot to simplify threading. The take

up lever should always be in its highest position

when beginning or ending sewing.

Face Plate

opens to the left. Allows easy changing of the

light bulb.

Check Spring

helps control the flow of thread through the


Needle Clamp Screw

holds the needle in place.

Thumb Screw

holds presser foot in place.

Diamond Point Feed Dog

moves the fabric after each stitch is formed. The

diamond points give a gentle feed for delicate

fabrics as well as an accurate feed for heavy


Presser Foot

holds the fabric in place for sewing. Various feet

are given in the accessory box.

slides open for changing the bobbin.

Slide Plate

Needle Plate

has guide lines on the left and right for greater

sewing accuracy.

Presser F oot Lever -

controls the raising and lowering of the presser

foot. It has an extra lift for the placement of

heavy fabrics.

Thread Cutter-

is located on the back of the presser bar for


Spool Pins and Caps­

hold aU types of spools effectively and eliminates

over-spin of lightweight spools.

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