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Your new White Rotary sewing machine comes equipped

with the following set of accessories to make your sewing



Four Metal Bobbins

The bobbins have holes in

one side for convenient bobb­

in placement.


light ball point needles, two

each of sizes 11, 14 and 16

are provided. Two twin need­

les are also included.

TSvo Felt Washers and Spool


Place felt washers on spool

pins under the spools and

place caps over the spools

tightly for best stitching re­


(jilting Guide

Helps make parallel rows of


Qoth Guide with Screw

Aids in creating straight


AU Purpose Foot & Zigzag

Needle Plate

For all utility sewing.

Straight Stitch Foot and

Straight Needle Plate

For straight stitching on

sheer or , very lightweight

materials where extra control

is needed.

Embroidery Foot

Has a wide groove on the

bottom which allows the foot

to pass over dense stitches,

such as satin stitches or other

decorative stitches. Do not

use this foot for normal

sewing of lightweight fabrics.


1** Ab=c





Buttonhole Foot

Is adjustable and regulates

proper buttonhole length

every time.

Button Sewing Foot

To hold button in place for


Cording and Zipper Foot

For stitching very close to the

edge of a cord or zipper.

Screw Drivers

Small one for use on bobbin

tension. Large one for use

on thumb screw, needle clamp

screw, etc.

Tubed Oiler

For use in oiling the machine.

See page 34.

Seam Ripper

For cutting the openings in

buttonholes and for removing


Bobbin Extractor

For easy removal of bobbin

from the bobbin case.

Lint Brush

For removing all lint.

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