SINGER W1213 User Manual

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Pattern Selector

selects the stitch shown above the indicator in the

picture window.

Hand Wheel

controls the up and down movement of the needle

bar. Always turn it toward you.

Coupling Wheel

releases the movement of the needle bar in order

to wind a bobbin.

Stitch Length Dial

allows for precise adjustment of stitch length from

very fine to very long.

Push Button Reverse

allows for easy backtacking to lock thread ends.

Stitch Width Lever

allows for precise adjustment of zigzag stitch

width as well as tapering.

Zigzag Width Lever Stops

left lock determines the minimum width stitch,

while right lock controls the maximum.

Bobbin Winder

automatically disengages from hand wheel when

bobbin is filled to the proper level.

Power Switch

turns on both the motor and light simultaneously.

Allows selection of high or low speed.

Bobbin Winder Tension Disk

controls the tension on the thread as the bobbin

is being wound.

Needle Position Dial

is variable and may be set in any position from the

left to the right.

ecu iyog ^oiUiO.

adjusts the height of the feed dog for special

sewing applications.

Pressure Control

controls the amount of pressure on the fabric. It is

numbered to make adjustment easier. Normal

pressure is # 5.

Foot Holder

holds the foot. It is easy to exchange the sole.

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