How to use accessories – SINGER W1366 User Manual

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Narrow Hemmer:

With needle at its highest position replace regular

presser foot with narrow hemmer (Fig. 40) being sure to tighten it securely
in place. Set needle post ion lever at L position and zigzag stitch width

control at 0 for straight stitched hem or at number 3 for zigzag stitched hem.
Set stitch length control to suit.

For a plain narrow hem make a % inch double fold

for about two inches along edge of fabric. Hold each

end of the two inch fold, slip underneath hemmer. Bring
fold up into the scroll of hemmer, draw fabric forward
to end and fasten with point of needle. Lower Dresser

bar lifter. Gently pull end of thread as you start stitch­

ing (Fig. 41 for straight stitched hem and Fig. 42 for
zigzag stitched hem).

Guide material slightly to left and it will take


double turn through scroll.

The narrow hem provides an excellent finish for

edges of ruffles or any other dainty work.

Fig. 40

Fig. 41

Fig. 42