Buttonholes, Machine setting – SINGER W6105 User Manual

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Presser Fool

Hemmer Fool

Stitch Pattern

himtl Kc^uLir SiiL'iih

Snuli Snidi Shirli


Stitch Width

Stitch Length

l-abric Feed

Darn Sew

Narrow hems on mediiiin and ligliD
weigiii lahrics can be turned and

stilciied in a single operalion witliout
pinning or basting by using iliehemrner

foot. 'Hie loot forms a hem about 1/8"

wide. Use tor shi i and blouse hems,

curtains,rulfleedges, and lingerie.

Attach hemrner foot. Trim and

straigiiten fabric edge. For easy in­
sertion of fabric in heiTimer foot, first
cut off corner of fabric. Then fold
edge of fabric over about 1/8", then
fold it over again for a length of 2".
Insert fabric fold into spiral opening of
foot. Move fabric back and forth until
die fold forms a scrolled shape. Draw
(abric toward you until beginning of

hem is underiieath needle. Lower foot.

Stitch slowly as you guide fabric into
henimer foot. Do not pusii or pull
(abric. (f edge of material lends to
slide oui of hemrner, guide it to the
right. It loo much malerial enleis

hemrner. draw fabric to llie left.

Mat Felled Seam
Use henimer foot lor making flat felled
seams on shirts and sportswear. Iliis
type of seam is strong and durable,

and provides a linished appearance on
both llie riglit and wrong sides.
Place fabric light sitles logeiher with

edge of boiiom piece exieiiding about

1/8" beyond edge of lop piece. Stiicli

fabric logeiher using henimer foot like
a regular presser fool. Ibc right edge

of foot as a guide for boliom fabtit,

and leli edge of long loe of fool as

guide for top fabric.
Open out fabric and place right sides
down, 1-old seam allow'anccs over lo

the left and insert in henimer fool
scroll. Sew' as you wouki for ordinary

heniniing. As a guide, run first row of
slitclies along left edge of long toe of



Machine Setting

H.ll I.K ks







— B

j î






Sltic luiij,:

Your iiiudime has a built-in buiton-

boler - jusi dial the slilch width knob

for the tour steps in stitching a liiitton-


• Mark position and length of button­

hole on fabric. Length of the hole is
deierrnined by the width plus ihick-
ne.ss of the button. Ihe finished
Iniilonhole should be 1/8" longer

than this measurement to allow loi

bar lacks at each end.





allows you to see your markings
and smelling through the clear
plastic loot.

• loosen upper tension.

When sewing biillonholes on knits

oi loosely Woven lahiic, use a piece
of interlacing between lahiic anil
lacing so hullonhole will retain its


Guide fabric carefully so lines of

stitching will be straight and close

logeiher. but not touching.

Always make a sample bullorihole

using the same lahiic before si itch­
ing on your garnienl. Try slipping
the bution you will use ihrough the
hullonhole lo check the correct

leiigili ol (he hole.