Jc penney model 6105 – SINGER W6105 User Manual

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Your machine needs lu be oiled once

every week if used rie(|uentJy and

every day if machine is in continual

use. If machine has not been used for

a period ol lime ihe oil will have dried^

so be sure lo oil belore you start

Place a drop of best quality sewing

machine oil at each of the points

shown in the pictures:

Inside Face Plaje ^ swing face plate

open and oil all moving parts at

friction points.


Under Top Plate ^ remove lop plate by

unscrewing two screws located at each

end of the top plate and oil points

on top of machine head.

Underside - tilt machine head back
and oil points on underside.

It is important that you do not give

the machine too much oil which will
only run out and spot your tabric.

After oiling machine, run Ihe iiiailmie
at high speed so that oil will peiieii.iu-

all moving parts. 'ITien sew a lew low's

of stitches on a scrap rrf material lo

be sure that machine sews cleanly.

Also wipe off any excess oil from lop
of niadiine.

Do not oil the motor as it has been

permanently lubricated at Ihe factory.



JC Penney Model 6105

Serial No.

When ordering replacement parts
give model no and serial no.

The tension of the motor belt can I

adjusted by moving the motor brack

located on the right side of tl


Use a screwdriver to siighily loosr
the screw securing the molor biacki

Slide bracket down to iighleii icnsh

but be careful not to tighten hr

too tiglitly. Slide bracket up toloosi


When proper adjustment is attaine

tigliten screw securely.


When you need sereice or replacemei

parts, please be sure to give the mod

and serial numbers. They are show

on the model number plate mountc

on the front side of the machine base