The all purpose foot, The straight stitch foot, The buttonhole foot – SINGER W811 User Manual

Page 52: Cording and zipper foot, Changing the foot

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The All Purpose Foot

This foot is flat on the bottom and has

a wide

hole to ac­

commodate wide stitches. This foot

should be

used for all

normal sewing.

The Straight Stitch Foot

This foot is flat on the bottom and has only a small hole to
accommodate only straight stitching. It may be used on
sheer or soft fabrics for more control when the all purpose
foot allows the fabric to be pulled with the needle.

- The Buttonhole Foot

This foot has a frame which holds the fabric taut enough
to produce a good buttonhole. The markings on the side

allow exact buttonhole length to be made.

• Cording and Zipper Foot

This foot is very narrow, with needle opening cuts at its

right and left sides to sew in zippers and insert cording.


Press the presser foot shank button toward you to remove

the foot (Step 1). To attach place the desired foot under
the shank and lower the presser bar (Step 2). Foot will be

locked automatically (Step 3).