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Bowflex Xtreme


2 SE Assembly Manual

Before Assembly

Please take the time to read all assembly instructions

before attempting to assemble your Bowflex Xtreme


2 SE home gym. Select where you are going to locate

your machine carefully. The best place for your

Bowflex Xtreme


2 SE home gym is on a hard, level

surface .

Select a workout area that provides a minimum

clearance behind the rod box of 0 .5 ft (15 cm) and a

total width of 6 .5 ft (2 .0 m) . Allow a minimum of 3 .0 ft

(0 .9 m) free space in front of the machine .

Every effort has been made to provide you with a clear

and accurate assembly manual . Should you find any

inconsistencies, have questions about your Bowflex



2 SE or have suggestions for improving our

manuals, please call 800-628-8458 for assistance .

Basic Assembly Principles

Here are a few basic tips that will make your assembly of
the Bowflex Xtreme


2 SE home gym quick and easy. By

using these principles, you can simplify each process and
save yourself extra time and effort .

1. To make the assembly process go faster, gather the

pieces you need for each step and thoroughly read the
assembly instructions for that step prior to starting
assembly for the step .

2. When tightening a locknut on a bolt, use a combination

wrench to grip the locknut and ensure that it is
fastened securely .

3. When attaching two pieces, gently lift and look

through the bolt holes to help guide the bolt through
the holes .

4 . As a general rule, and for all bolts and nuts on your

Bowflex Xtreme


2 SE home gym, turn bolts or nuts

toward the right (clockwise) to tighten and left
(counterclockwise) to loosen.

ImPortAnt: LeAve ALL CABLes CoILed And wrAPPed untIL your




2 se

Home Gym Is fuLLy AssemBLed.