Remote control operation, Remote control – NewAir AH-320E User Manual

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4. Attach the base to the heater body by screwing

on the fastening screw.



Control Panel Operation

1. Place the heater on a firm, level surface and plug into

a grounded 120V 60Hz power outlet.

2. Press the ON/OFF button to turn on the heater.

POWER indicator light and HIGH indicator light

are working.

LOW: heating up to 400W
HIGH: heating up to 800W

3. Timer: The heater is equipped with a 0.5 to 4 hour

timer. To select the desired length of operation, press
the TIMER button repeatedly. Add up the lit indicator

lights for the total number of hours. The heater will

automatically shut off after the set time has elapsed.


0.5H: 30 minutes

IH: 1 hour

2H: 2 hours
4H: 4 hours

5. Swing: Press the OSCIL button and the heater head will

oscillate 90° from right to left. The indicator light will

turn on. Press the OSCIL button again to stop

oscillation. The indicator light will turn off

Remote Control Operation

The remote control can be used to perform all the operations

that can be performed from the control panel.


Height Adjustment: Press in the height adjustment button and simultaneously pull the

sliding column up to the desired height. Release the height adjustment button to set. To