Delkin Devices 4 User Manual

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Delkin Devices, Inc. (DDI) warrants that this product has been thoroughly tested and is
free from defects in material and workmanship. This warranty is expressly limited to
product repair, modification, or replacement, at the sole discretion of DDI. The maximum
liability for any aspect of this warranty will be limited to an amount not exceeding the
original product purchase price.

This warranty is contingent upon proper use of the product in the application for which it
is intended and does not cover any product that has been modified, mis-used, neglected
or subjected to unusual physical stress. DDI will not repair or replace products that fail
solely because their estimated ‘life’ has expired.

The defective product must be returned to DDI. All shipping costs/ shall be the responsi-
bility of the purchaser. State and local laws may apply.

You will need a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number before you return the
product. Please contact DDI for assistance in getting an RMA number.


Except as provided herein, there are no express or implied warranties of merchantability
or fitness for a particular purpose. Under no circumstances will DDI be liable in any way
for any damages, including but not limited to lost revenue, lost wages, or any other
incidental or consequential damages arising from the use of or inability to use this

The warranty set forth above is exclusive and no other warranty, whether written or oral,
is expressed or implied.

Delkin reserves the right to change specifications of hardware, software and instructions
without notice.

Delkin Devices does not extend warranty to batteries. If batteries are supplied with the
product, it is as a convenience only, and as such, are covered by the battery
manufacturer’s warranty.


All Delkin Devices products are 100% guaranteed compatible with OEM machines for
which they are designed.


Delkin Devices can provide technical assistance with installation of a Delkin Devices
product. Any phone/e-mail charges are the responsibility of the purchaser.


For Technical Support or Warranty information you can contact Delkin Devices by:

• phone at 858-391-1234 (9:00AM to 5:00PM PST Mon-Fri)

• e-mail at [email protected].

• on the web at