Delkin Devices 4 User Manual

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Delkin Devices User’s Manual

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Apple Macintosh




The “Removable Disk” icon
does not appearon my destop.

The driver software may not
have been properly installed .

The reader is not connected

The SmartiMedia Card is not
inserted fully.

Reinstall from CD or download
driver from

Unplug the reader and plug it
back in.

A SmartMedia Card must be
inserted in order for an icon to
appear on the desktop.

An error message appears
during driver installation.

Possibly a conflict with
another driver or program.

Try installing the drivers with
extensions off (hold the shift
key down during boot-up).

After downloading files, the file
icons dissapear when the card
is removed.

The files where not copied to
the hard drive.

The Option key must be held
down while copying files to the
computer. Otherwise, only the
icons are placed on the hard


USB SmartMedia Card Reader

Test Drive Your Equipment

We advise that you put all of your equipment through a dry run before transferring
important or irreplacable files. This will not only insure that your equipment is function-
ing, but will also familliarize you with the transfer process.

Copy a few files to the SmartMedia Card using your SmartMedia Device. Then insert
the card into the Reader and use the transfer method you are most comfortalble with –
drag and drop, copy and paste, etc. Some devices, such as MP3 players, require third
party software to access files. Refer to the device manual for information. Once the files
are stored on your hard drive, access them one at a time and check that they are to your
satisfaction. Experiment until you are happy with the results and comfortable with the
process. Then you can simply delete the test files from the card to return it to its
original state.