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Delkin Devices User’s Manual

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Thank you and congratulations on your purchase of the eFilm Reader-4 SmartMedia
Card to USB reader/writer. Before you begin use of this product, please take some time
to read all instructions and warranty information.

The Reader-4 is designed to read and write to SmartMedia Cards. It is a convenient
bridge between your computer and SmartMedia Card compliant devices. The media is
accessed the same as a removable drive; in Windows, it will appear as a Removable
Disk icon in My Computer, and on a Macintosh it will appear as an icon on the desktop.

Please look to our web site at

for FAQs and current information on

compatibility issues as well as the latest software drivers.

Included Components

eFilm Reader-4 ❏ Driver CD

Registration Card ❏ Manual

System Requirements

IBM compatible desktop or laptop PC

Windows 2000/ ME/98 and Windows 95 OSR 2.1 version 4.03.1214 (4.00.95b)

USB port

Apple Macintosh desktop or laptop

MAC OS 8.5+

USB port

Driver Software Installation Procedure for Windows® 2000/ME/98 &
95 OSR2.1 (4.00.95b)

Before connecting the eFilm Reader-4, you must install the device drivers located on the
accompanying CD-ROM. Early versions of Windows 95 do not support USB devices,
and need to be upgraded. If you are running Win95, you will want to check your system
before proceeding.

How to Determine Version of Windows 95 in Use

Windows 95 with OEM Service Release (OSR) 2.1 and 2.5 will recognize eFilm
Reader-4. In some cases the USB utility will need to be installed from the Win 95 CD.
To determine the version of Windows 95 you are running, follow these steps:

1. Start Windows, then right-click on My Computer and select Properties.
2. On the General Tab, locate the version number under the System heading.

For OSR 2.1, the system will list version 4.03.1214 (4.00.950B).

For OSR 2.5, the system will list version 4.03.1214 (4.00.950C).

You can also display the version number in the MS-DOS window by typing “ver” and hit

USB SmartMedia Card Reader