Delkin Devices 4 User Manual

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Delkin Devices User’s Manual

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Minor malfunctions while using the Reader-4, such as system hangs, can usually be

resolved by simply re-booting the computer. Serious or recurring malfunctions may
require a re-installation of the Reader-4 drivers.

Your new Reader is part of a system of components that must function correctly and
compatibly in order to complete the simple process of moving files from your device to
your computer. The components involved are the Reader, SmartMedia Device, Camera,
Storage Card, Computer (and its numerous components), USB Interface, Software
Drivers, and Operating System.

Network Conflicts -

Windows® 2000, ME, 98 Drive Letter Assignment

The following procedure may be necessary when installing the e-Film Reader-4 onto a
computer connected to a network. In some cases, the computer may assign the
Reader-4 a drive letter that has already been assigned to another drive, such as a
network drive. This usually occurs after re-booting the computer with the Reader-4
connected. To avoid this conflict, the Reader-4 can be assigned an available drive letter
after you connect it to the computer but before re-booting. For more information, contact
your network administrator. If your computer is not connected to a network, and there
are no drive letter conflicts, these steps will not be necessary.

Windows ME and 98

1. With the power ON, connect the Reader-4 to the computers USB port. The Reader-4
will show up as a removable disk icon in My Computer. Also, note the drive letters
assigned to any network drives.

2. Right click the My Computer icon on the desktop.

3. Select Properties from the menu.

4. Click the Device Manager tab.

5. Click the plus sign (+) next to Disk Drives.

6. From the list of drives, double click eUSB SmartMedia to bring up a properties

7. Click the Settings tab.

8. In the section labeled Reserved drive letters; use the arrow to select and assign a
Start drive letter (the End drive letter will change as well). Select a letter that does not
conflict with any other drives. This is best accomplished by selecting a letter that is
farther down the alphabet than any of your network drives. You will need to re-boot for
the changes to take effect.

Windows 2000

The drive letter assigned to the Reader-4 can be manually assigned through Disk
Management, located under Administrative Tools. You must be logged on as System
Administrator and a SmartMedia Card must be inserted in the reader before you can
make these changes.


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