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Delkin Devices User’s Manual

Formatting a SmartMedia Card

Although most cards are factory formatted, some cameras and SmartMedia Card
devices may require the card to be formatted in the camera or device before initial use.
Some devices, such as MP3 players, use a proprietary format that will make the card
unrecognizable to the computer or camera. Refer to the device manual for more
information. Macintosh users: It is strongly recommended that you DO NOT format
cards with the computer, as the Mac file system is not recognized by most devices and
could make the card unreaable by your device. Format cards using the camera or

Formatting a SmartMedia Card will erase all pictures or files on the card.

Formatting should be performed in the camera or SmartMedia Card device to insure


Formatting should not be used to clear unwanted files from the card.

If you do wish to format a card with a computer, perform the following steps:.


In My Computer, right-click on the appropriate Removable Disk.


Select Format and follow on-screen instructions.

Note: a corrupt or malfuntioning SmartMedia Card can be reformatted using the
SMPREP program located in the Start/Programs/Reader-4 menu.

Operational Notes

A corrupt file on your SmartMedia Card can cause a device failure or system crash

when transferring files to your computer. Recovery programs such as Scandisk can
be used to detect and repair most disk errors. It may also be necessary to re-format
the card, which will erase all files stored on the card. Some of the causes of file
corruption are:


Unsteady power supply while transferring files, such as a low camera battery or

improperly connected reader.


Card removed from reader or camera, or any other type of interruption while

transfering or accessing files.


Improperly formatted card.

A SmartMedia Card that cannot be accessed by the Reader can be placed back in

the camera, where the cameras picture viewing option can be used to determine if
the card is functioooning normally. If the card no longer functions in the camera,
this may indicate a file corruption or other problem with the card.

Removing a SmartMedia Card

First close any files residing on the card that are open. This will prevent errors from a
program trying to access data on a card no longer in the Reader. On a Macintosh, drag
the card icon to Trash before removing the card.


DO NOT remove the SmartMedia Card while files are being accessed or trans-

ferred. This could result in loss of data and/or damage to the card.

To remove a SmartMedia Card, simply pull it from the Reader.

USB SmartMedia Card Reader