Delkin Devices 4 User Manual

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Delkin Devices User’s Manual

Note: OSR 2.0 is also called version B (4.00.950B), but it does not support the eFilm
Reader-4. The 1214 version number must be present for your system to use the
Reader-4. If your version is lower (older) than these, you will need to upgrade to
Windows 98 for your computer to recognize the eFilm Reader-4.

USB SmartMedia Card Reader


Figure 1: Windows Installation Program

Driver Software Installation Procedure for Apple Macintosh

Before connecting the eFilm Reader-4, you must install the device drivers located on the
accompanying CD-ROM. To avoid compatibility issues, install only the Reader-4 driver.
Slot or front loading CD-ROMs may not function correctly with a 3” CD disk. For these
systems it is recommended that you download the driver from

Figure 2: Macintosh Installation Program

Driver Installation Procedure


Start Windows and close any other applications during installation.


Insert the Delkin Devices driver CD-ROM. If the CD does not start automatically,
double click on the CD-ROM drive in My Computer. The CD will open in a driver
insallation application. (See Figure 1)


Click Reader-4 from the list of products on the left. There is a single installer for all
Windows operating systems.


Verify that your product matches
the one pictured on the screen.


Click the button labeled Click Here
to Begin Installation
and follow the
on-screen instructions. For best
results,allow the drivers to be
installed into the default locations.


When the Setup Complete screen

appears, click the Finish button.


Connect the Reader-4 to the USB

port or hub.


You may now insert a SmartMedia

Card and access it like other drives
by clicking the Removable Disk
drive icon in My Computer.

Prior to any software installation always ensure
you have backed up your hard driveand
prepared a recovery disk.

1. Insert the Driver CD-ROM, then double-

click on the CD icon when it appears.


Select eFilm Reader-4 from the product
list. (See Figure 2)


Click the button labeled Install and follow
the on-screen instructions. Select Restart
after installation is complete.