Feelworld FW7DII/O User Manual

Page 12

background image


the movable picture still in the picture. Enter menu operation

as menu option and submenu down selection

Volume up, in OSD menu for right adjustment, function

confirm or increase the value of analog on the menu

Volume down, in OSD menu for left adjustment, function

confirm or decrease the value of analog on the menu

3. Menu function introduction

If in the operating status, press button“

”, then enter into OSD mode.

Press the unit button”▲”or “▼"to select the options which you need:

(display result)


(system setting)

(scan position adjust),

after select the button you need, press“ ”or“ on the unit to confirm, if need

to exit OSD menu, repress button “


Display result setting

(this setting has 2 pages menu)

Press "

"key, pop up OSD menu as below, ”▲”or “▼"to select


press "

" or "

" to confirm, press “▲”or“▼” to select the adjustment, then

use "

" or "

" to adjust or select the adjustment. Press"

" to exit.

Menu page 1 picture

Contrast : To adjust the brightest and darkest ratio of the image