Feelworld FW7DII/O User Manual

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Suggestion: Better remove the battery for long-term NO

use this product.

Different specifications of the battery, capability is different. The working time

for the monitor will be different. Higher capability

(working time) will be longer.

Without design charging circuit for the monitor, please remove the

battery to the battery charger for charge.

1.6.3 This product also can be by 4-Pin XLD interface to use the power

supplied from camera.

1.7 Sun shade installation and remove

1.7.1 Installation: Positive parallel alignment of the sun shade and

monitor, the projection of the sun shade hanging claw at the monitor sun

shade slot (see the monitor front view marked 1), pay attention to the position

should be aligned around inserted balanced slide down.

● Picture

1.7.2 Remove: When you want to shade cover is removed from the