1 . product description – Feelworld FW7DII/O User Manual

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1 Product description

1.1 Front panel view

1. Power Indicator Light: Light turns red when standby, green when


2. F4: Custom button, can select(Screen marker, monochrome display,

point to point, peaking focus assist, false colors filter, exposure,

brightness histogram, scanning mode, center marker, segmentation )

one of them as definition function

3.HDMI: HDMI HD signal input selection button

4.F3:Custom button, see F4

5.YPbPr: YPbPr Color difference signal input selection button

6.F2:Custom button, see F4

7.VIDEO:Composite video signal input selection button

8.F1:Custom button, see F4

9.4:3/16:9: Screen ration 4:3/16:9 selection button

10.►: Volume up, in OSD menu for right adjustment, function confirm or

increase the value of analog on the menu

11.CAMERA: Camera mode

12.◄ : Volume down, in OSD menu for left adjustment, function confirm

or decrease the value of analog on the menu