Feelworld FW7DII/O User Manual

Page 8

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The working time for the monitor will be different. Higher capability


time) will be longer.

1.6 Power input way

There are some ways to supply the power of the monitor.

1.6.1. The power supply by the adapter. 12V/1.0A is optional DC voltage

changer, insert DC power input interface directly. It can be choosed qualified

adapter which current with output voltage DC 6~24V, output capacity >10W

by customers

Please note that the polarity of power input is inner POSITIVE, outer

NEGATIVE. Otherwise will damage the product. (see attached image)

Please use the adapter attached in the accessories. If necessary to use other

specifications adapter, please note to provide the qualified adapter which

power supply should be not less than 10W (DC6V-15V)

1.6.2. Another option of power source is using batteries. The product back

case including battery slot is available for three types of batteries. Customers

can choose different battery slots according to their needs.

● Battery install way as below picture