Feelworld FW7DII/O User Manual

Page 14

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Volume: To adjust the volume

Balance:To adjust 2-channel(L&R)

System setting

(this setting has 3 pages menu)

Press "

" key, pop up OSD menu as below,“▲”or“▼”to select


press "

" or "

" to confirm, press “▲”or“▼”to select the adjustment, then

use "

" or "

" to adjust or select the adjustment. Press"

" to exit.

Menu page 1 picture

Language: Chinese, English

PIP: To display two input signal picture at the same time, can adjust

picture position, size, picture interchange, double picture, picture out

picture mode

S D I: HD SDI switch option(for with SDI input port modes, other modes

select close)

Screen Marker : Picture framing marker selection frame(off,96%,