Feelworld FW7DII/O User Manual

Page 5

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13.MENU: To activate or close OSD (on-screen display) menu

14.▲ : Up adjustment button, menu item selection button

15.▼ : Down adjustment button, menu item selection button, press the

button directly, which enables the movable picture still in the picture.

16. : Earphone insert

17.Display screen

1.2 Rear panel view

1.Y-IN:Y signal input

2.VIDEO-IN:Video signal input

3.Pb-IN Pb signal input

4.VIDEO-OUT: Video signal output

5.Pr-IN: Pr signal input

6.AUDIO-IN: Audio signal input

7. Power ON/OFF Switch

8. HDMI-IN: HDMI(High Definition Multimedia Interface)

signal input

9. HDMI-OUT: HDMI(High Definition Multimedia Interface)signal


10. Battery Plate slot:(According to the users' requirements