Safety en – Fronius Primo Installation User Manual

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WARNING! Incorrect operation or shoddy workmanship can cause serious injury or damage. Commis-
sioning of the inverter may only be carried out by trained personnel in accordance with the technical re-
gulations. You should read the safety rules before commissioning the equipment or carrying out
maintenance work.

WARNING! An electric shock can be fatal. Danger due to grid voltage and DC voltage from solar modu-
les that are exposed to light.

Make sure that both the AC side and the DC side of the inverter are de-energised before carrying
out any connection work.


Only an authorised electrical engineer is permitted to connect this equipment to the public grid.

WARNING! An electric shock can be fatal. Danger due to grid voltage and DC voltage from solar modu-

The DC main switch is only to be used to de-energise the power stage set. The connection area is
still live when the DC main switch is switched off.


Ensure that the power stage set and connection area are disconnected from one another before
carrying out any maintenance or service tasks.


The power stage set, which is enclosed in a separate housing, must only be disconnected from the
connection area when in a de-energized state.


Maintenance and servicing in the power stage set of the inverter must only be carried out by Fronius-
trained service technicians.

WARNING! An electric shock can be fatal. Danger from residual voltage in capacitors.
Wait for the capacitors to discharge. The discharge time is 5 minutes.

WARNING! An inadequate ground conductor connection can cause serious injury or damage. The
housing screws provide a suitable ground conductor connection for grounding the housing and must
NOT be replaced by any other screws that do not provide a reliable ground conductor connection.

CAUTION! Risk of damage to the inverter from dirt or water on the terminals and contacts of the connec-
tion area.

When drilling, ensure that terminals and contacts in the connection area do not become dirty or wet.


The wall bracket without a power stage set does not conform to the protection class of the inverter
as a whole, and therefore must not be installed without the power stage set.
The wall bracket should be protected from dirt and moisture during installation.

CAUTION! Risk of damage to the inverter as the result of incorrectly tightened terminals. Incorrectly tigh-
tened terminals can cause heat damage to the inverter that may result in a fire. When connecting AC
and DC cables, ensure that all the terminals are tightened to the specified torque.

CAUTION! Risk of damage to inverter from overload.

The maximum amperage when connecting to a single DC terminal is 18 A.


Connect the DC+ and DC- cables to the DC+ and DC- terminals on the inverter, taking care to en-
sure that the polarity is correct.

NOTE! Protection class IP 65 is only applicable if the inverter is permanently attached to the wall bra-
cket with screws.
Protection class IP 20 applies to the wall bracket with no inverter.

NOTE! When connecting aluminium cables:

observe national and international guidelines regarding the connection of aluminium cables


follow the instructions of the cable manufacturer.


check every year that the cables are securely attached in accordance with the specified torque.

NOTE! Ensure the polarity is correct when connecting the DC cables.