Fire prevention en – Fronius Primo Installation User Manual

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Fire Prevention


CAUTION! Risk of damage to inverters and other live photovoltaic system components due to poor or
unprofessional installation.
Poor or unprofessional installation can cause overheating of cables and terminal connections and result
in arcs. These can cause heat damage, which in turn may lead to fires.

Observe the following when connecting AC and DC cables:

Tighten all terminals to the torque specified in the operating instructions


Tighten all grounding terminals (PE / GND), including free ones,
to the torque specified in the operating instructions


Do not overload cables


Check cables for damage and verify that they are laid correctly


Take note of the safety instructions, operating instructions and
any local connection regulations

Using fastening screws, always screw the inverter firmly to the wall
bracket to the torque specified in the operating instructions.
Ensure that the fastening screws are tight before starting the inver-



2 Nm


Manufacturer’s instructions regarding connection, installation and operation must always be observed. To re-
duce the hazard potential to a minimum, perform all installation and connection work carefully according to the
instructions and regulations.
Refer to the device operating instructions / installation instructions for the tightening torques to be used at the
relevant terminal connections.