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PC/TopKAT Basics

Terms to Know

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MDE-4490 PC/TopKAT User’s Guide · July 2005

Terms to Know


The System Types Setup form contains a button called AutoConfig. When you click this
button, the PC software will contact your TopKAT site, retrieve its system type settings, and
automatically insert them into this form.

Fuel Site Transactions

Each time a user attempts to obtain fuel at a fuel site, a transaction is generated. Successful, as
well as error, transactions may be generated. Transactions may also be generated for such
events as a fuel delivery or dipstick reading. Typically, raw fuel transactions are accumulated
at your TopKAT site. You use the PC/TopKAT package to poll or collect the raw fuel
transactions from the fuel management system, copy them onto the PC for viewing and create
a RAWTRANS.DAT file for use with other applications.

Polled raw transactions are written to the PC database and stored as part of the
RAWTRANS.DAT file. Transactions that contain bad data that cannot be stored in the PC
database are written to a text file called BADTRANS.DAT.


Lockout is the process of preventing access to the fuel site. Lockouts at the TopKAT fuel site
are included in the vehicle and/or manual entry file. Lockouts using the vehicle file are by key
number or vehicle/department combination. Lockouts by the manual entry file are on the name
you select for your manual entry field. If you do not select a manual entry field name, the
default is Employee.

Note: The manual entry name chosen for lockout must match the manual entry loaded at the


You lock out or activate numbers from within the PC/TopKAT package and then send these
changes to your TopKAT fuel sites as lockout updates during a polling session.

PC/TopKAT handles lockouts as follows:

• All lockout changes must be done on the PC (using Files>Lockout form). You can make

additions, deletions, or changes.

• When the Lockout Updates polling action is selected for an unscheduled polling or

autopoll session, the lockout updates are sent to the site via a lockout update file. The
lockout update files on the PC are then cleared. If polling is unsuccessful, the lockout
updates are not sent and remain on the PC until the next polling attempt (either at an
autopoll time, or at an unscheduled polling).

Log Files

A polling log is a listing describing the outcome of a polling session. It contains messages for
each site polled stating the date, time and number of transactions polled and the status of all
polling actions. PC/TopKAT stores polling logs from the last seven polling sessions. These
polling logs are named SESSION1.PLG through SESSION7.PLG. You can have the poll log