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Installing and Uninstalling PC/TopKAT

Installing PC/TopKAT

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MDE-4490 PC/TopKAT User’s Guide · July 2005

Installing PC/TopKAT

The instructions for installing PC/TopKAT on systems operating on Microsoft Windows 95/
98/ME are given below.

Note: If you are using Windows 2000 or Windows NT, be sure to follow the additional

instructions given in

“Special Instructions for Windows 2000 Professional, Windows

NT, and Windows XP Professional” on page 6


To install PC/TopKAT, proceed as follows:


Turn on your computer, and start Microsoft Windows.


Insert the Gasboy PC/TopKAT software CD-ROM into your CD-ROM drive.


Click Start>Run. The Run Dialog Box appears.


Type D:\Setup, and click OK.

Note: On most computers, the CD-ROM drive is D. If your CD-ROM drive is not D, type the

appropriate letter.


Follow the on-screen instructions for installation.

Special Instructions for Windows 2000 Professional, Windows NT, and
Windows XP Professional

This section provides instructions for PC/TopKAT installation, on systems operating on
Microsoft Windows 2000 or Windows NT.

To run the PC/TopKAT software on a Windows NT PC, you must be running the Windows
NT Workstation 4.0 (Service pack 4 or higher) operating system.

If you are not sure of which operating system your PC is using, proceed as follows:


Click Start>Settings>Control Panel. The Control Panel Window appears.


In the Control Panel, double-click System. Your operating system version is displayed on the
General tab of the System Properties program.

To install and execute PC/TopKAT software on Windows NT, Windows 2000 Professional or
Windows XP Professional, you must be an Administrator User or a User who is a member of
the Administrator Group or a member of the Power Users. If you are not sure how to log-on as
one of these Users, contact your PC support personnel for details.

After completing this setup, perform the steps outlined in

“Installing PC/TopKAT” on page 6