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MDE-4490 PC/TopKAT User’s Guide · July 2005

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Terms to Know

PC/TopKAT Basics

from the current session print automatically by clicking on Automatically Send Polling
Results to Printer on the Setup/Communications Parameters form or print polling logs later
from the View Log Files form on the Files menu.

Each polling log contains date, time polling started, a list of error (status) codes, and the

Site number – number of the site polled.
Description – description of the site polled.
• Time polling started
Connect status – contains OK if connection to site completed successfully or an error

code if unsuccessful.

Trans status – contains OK if transaction polling completed successfully, an error code if

unsuccessful, or dashes indicating that the action was not selected or was not executed.

First Trans – contains number of first transaction polled.
Last Trans – contains number of last transaction polled.
Lockout Status – contains OK if lockouts were sent successfully, an error code if

unsuccessful, or dashes indicating that the action was not selected or was not executed.

Polling (Autopolling, Unscheduled)

Polling is the process by which the PC software contacts a TopKAT and extracts the raw
transactions from the TopKAT at the site. Another action, updating lockouts, may also be
performed at this time. There are two polling options available through the Gasboy PC
software: autopolling and unscheduled polling.

Autopolling is the easiest and most automatic way to poll your sites on a regular basis. You
can include all of your sites, or just selected sites. When you set up your Fuel Sites, each site
that you wish to include in the autopolling process must have the Autopoll Flag field set to
YES. You can set the PC software to autopoll up to three times each day when the PC will
automatically attempt to perform your selected polling actions. If connection cannot be
established with a site, PC/TopKAT continues polling other sites and then makes two more
attempts to re-poll the site. If an error occurs during any polling action, the connection is
terminated and no further actions are performed for that site. Upon completion, a polling log is

Unscheduled polling is a manual polling option that allows you to poll one or more sites at any
time (on demand). Because autopolling is performed only on sites where the Autopoll Flag is
set to YES, if you wish to poll other fuel sites (or even one typically scheduled for
autopolling), you would use unscheduled polling. The available polling actions are identical to
those you can select under autopolling.


When transactions are polled from your fuel sites, they are stored directly in the PC/TopKAT
database. The default setting for the PC software provides automatic generation of a
RAWTRANS file upon completion of polling (Communications Parameters form). The
RAWTRANS file contains all transactions from the current polling session and is used to
generate reports and to allow you to process your transactions, using another application. If
you have this option disabled, no RAWTRANS file is generated and transactions are stored
only to the database.