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MDE-4490 PC/TopKAT User’s Guide · July 2005

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Using PC/TopKAT for the First Time

Installing and Uninstalling PC/TopKAT

Using PC/TopKAT for the First Time

If you are using PC/TopKAT for the first time, proceed as follows:


Install the PC/TopKAT software, by following the instructions on the inside of the jacket
cover of the Gasboy Fuel Management Software CD-ROM.


Start up the PC/TopKAT software. Click Start>Programs>PC/TopKAT folder.


When the program starts, you can choose to register the software (if you purchased a license)
or run it as a fully functional 30-day demo and register it later.


When the program is run for the first time, a screen which displays information on the PC/
TopKAT software package setup appears. Click Yes to print a copy of the PC/TopKAT Setup

Note: If you do not want to print out this form now, you can print it at another time using an

editor, such as Wordpad. The file is called SetupForm.txt and can be found in the Help

subdirectory of PC/TopKAT.


Fill out all applicable information on the form, before attempting to use any of the package
communication functions.

Note: If you are uncertain about any information requested on the Setup form, contact your

Gasboy representative to obtain clarification.


Once you have finished filling out the Setup form, you can enter your Setup information into
the PC/TopKAT package by entering the items under the Setup menu on the PC/TopKAT
Main Page. Refer to the package online help system, for additional information on setting up
the PC/TopKAT software.

Note: For all TopKATs used with your PC/Comm TopKAT software, the poll address must be

set to 1. See your TopKAT Fuel Management System Operation Manual, C35757, for

details on loading the poll address.

Note: To assist you during Setup, the System Types Setup form contains a button called

AutoConfig. When you click on this button, the PC software will contact your TopKAT

site, retrieve its settings, and automatically insert them into this form.