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PC/TopKAT Basics

Terms to Know

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MDE-4490 PC/TopKAT User’s Guide · July 2005

When you perform any operation affecting transactions (add, edit, or delete), you alter the
transactions in the database. If you have Automatic generation enabled, you are given the
option to include any edited or manually entered transaction in the next version of the

Your raw fuel transaction file is created using the standard Windows format (your file is
named RAWTRANS.DAT). The format is viewable in the online help from the
Files>Transactions menu.


Three reports are available: system configuration, fuel site transactions, and fuel sites setup.
Depending on the report type, there are user-selectable configuration options that can be
applied to customize the report and up to four output options: preview, print, disk unformatted
(comma-delimited), disk formatted (Crystal Report).

Preview is available for all types and displays the report on your screen. A Print button is

available if you decide to print it.

Print is available for all types and sends the report directly to the printer.
Disk (Comma Delimited File) is available only with the Fuel Transactions report and

outputs a comma-delimited file that you can use in external applications. The format of
this file is based on the sort by criteria you specify. There is also an option to output this
data with a header line. This is useful for determining the layout of the data when
preparing it for external use. This format is not available when Summary is selected as an
output selection.

Disk (Crystal Report File) outputs the report in Crystal report viewable format to a

default disk file name or a file name that you specify. Crystal Report files are stored by
default in the Exports subdirectory of your PC software, but you can change this
destination if desired.

• In addition to the output options, the Fuel Transactions report can be configured for

Details or Summary. Details will provide the entire transaction. Summary will provide
totals only.

Reports Previewer

You can view a saved report when the PC/TopKAT software is not running by using the
program GSBPreviewer.exe. This report viewer is present on your TopKAT software CD
under the self-extracting file name GSBPrv.exe. Saved reports are stored by default in the
Exports subdirectory of your PC software, but can be moved elsewhere, if desired.

To use Report Viewer:


From Windows Explorer, navigate to the directory where the GSBPreviewer.exe is located.
Double click to start the viewer.


Select File> Open.


In the Open dialog box, navigate to the directory where the saved reports are stored (i.e.,
\Gasboy\PC TopKAT\Exports).


Click on the desired report file.