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MDE-4490 PC/TopKAT User’s Guide · July 2005

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Using PC/TopKAT

PC/TopKAT Basics


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Using PC/TopKAT

The following explains the details on how to use PC/TopKAT.

• Explore the package. Select the icons on the Main Page (Setup, Files, Communications,

and Utilities) and familiarize yourself with what each one performs. Each Main Page icon
brings up a menu containing functions that you can perform. Each menu item brings up a
form that you can use to define your application or perform operations on your data. Each
form has a Help button which displays Help screens pertaining to the form or topic
displayed. If you get into an area of the package where you feel that you do not know how
to proceed, click the Help button for more information.

• Complete the Setup>System Types form.
• Go to the Setup>Fuel Sites form and verify that all your fuel site information is correct. If

it is not, make any changes at this time.

• If you intend to use autopolling, go to the Setup>Autopoll Setup form, and select your


• Go to the Files>Lockouts form to enter any lockout information updates you wish to send

down to your sites.

• Go to the Communications>Contact Site form, and make sure that you can successfully

contact all your fuel sites.

• Once you begin using your PC/TopKAT package on a regular basis we highly recommend

that you set up a schedule for performing regular backups of your PC/TopKAT data.
Backups can be performed from the Utilities form and also when you exit the PC/TopKAT

Recommended Daily Sequence

The following table suggests a sequence of events that should be done on a daily basis. Your
actual site procedures may differ.

Selection Sequence


Files/View Log Files

Check the appropriate polling log file to make sure that
all fuel sites which were setup to be autopolled were
successfully polled.

Communications/Unscheduled Polling

Perform manual polling of those fuel sites that were
unsuccessfully autopolled or not polled at all

Communications/Contact Site

Perform fuel site maintenance.

Utilities/System Backup

Perform a Backup of your package data.