Installation manual masterline ultimate hybrid – HUBER+SUHNER MASTERLINE Ultimate Hybrid User Manual

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HUBER+SUHNER disclaims any liability resulting from incorrect installation and use, including any damages resulting from the use of

tools and accessories other than the ones recommended herein. Any installation performed by unqualified personnel voids the product

warranty provided by HUBER+SUHNER. All due care and attention must be exercised when performing the installation of these pro-

ducts. For advice concerning the general handling of these products please contact HUBER+SUHNER.

Step 9

Comment: All connectors (fiber optic and power) are protected with

water proof (IP67) dust caps. Therefore the MLU hybrid can be

installed and left at the mast for later installation of jumpers.

Step 10

Connect power jumper on left side of connector head by aligning

keyways and secure using integral retaining nut

(3 RRH shown connected in picture).

Step 11

Connect FO jumper on right side of connector head by aligning

keyways and secure by pushing to latch mechanism (3 RRH shown

connected in picture).

Step 12

If required a protactive cover can be easily fitted over MLUH

connector head.

Step 13

Ensure smooth routing of all cables form connector head to RRH

equipment using suitable cable clamps not cable ties.

MASTERLINE Ultimate Hybrid