Installation manual masterline ultimate hybrid – HUBER+SUHNER MASTERLINE Ultimate Hybrid User Manual

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HUBER+SUHNER disclaims any liability resulting from incorrect installation and use, including any damages resulting from the use of

tools and accessories other than the ones recommended herein. Any installation performed by unqualified personnel voids the product

warranty provided by HUBER+SUHNER. All due care and attention must be exercised when performing the installation of these pro-

ducts. For advice concerning the general handling of these products please contact HUBER+SUHNER.

Step 20

Store any fibre optic cable over-length inside base station by using

cable over-length storage box which can be mounted on a wall,

panel or mounted horizontally within an equipment rack.

Step 21

Release snap-lock fastener using a screwdriver.

Step 22

Carefully remove protective tube to gain access to fibre optic tails.

Step 23

Route fibre optic tails carefully and following a smooth route to their

respective connection points. Remove dust caps of LC connectors

and plug into equipment.

Step 24

Do NOT clean LC before connecting them to the equipment. LCs

are factory cleaned and varified to ensure optimal performance.

Cleaning during installation potentially decreases performance.

MASTERLINE Ultimate Hybrid