Installation manual masterline ultimate hybrid – HUBER+SUHNER MASTERLINE Ultimate Hybrid User Manual

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HUBER+SUHNER disclaims any liability resulting from incorrect installation and use, including any damages resulting from the use of

tools and accessories other than the ones recommended herein. Any installation performed by unqualified personnel voids the product

warranty provided by HUBER+SUHNER. All due care and attention must be exercised when performing the installation of these pro-

ducts. For advice concerning the general handling of these products please contact HUBER+SUHNER.

Step 5

Mark the "strip-back point" using tape.

Step 6

Feed gland nut over cable to secure to cable entry gland if required.

Step 7

Unwind black tape at cable butt to reveal rip cord.

This cord is used to open the cable jacket and gain access to the

cable elements within.

Step 8

Use a srewdriver (or similar) to cut the cable jacket back to the

"strip-back point" marked using the tape.

Step 9

Remove cable jacket carefully.

MASTERLINE Ultimate Hybrid