Kiddy Cruiserfix Pro User Manual

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1.To adjust the headrest height rotate the

handle out gently and raise or lower the

headrest to position the narrow area of the

headrest in line with the child's ears.

2.Release the headrest height adjustment

handle to lock headrest in position.

3.Check that the headrest is securely locked,

by gently pushing down on headrest.

4.Note that the shoulder rests change position

automatically as the headrest is adjusted to

best fit your child.

5.2 Adjusting the leg extension

Children grow differently. Your child can enjoy

substantially better seating comfort by

adjusting the leg extension.

The leg extension can be adjusted by pushing

or pulling into 4 positions.

6. Installing the booster car seat in the vehicle

The booster car seat is secured with your child in the vehicle using the

vehicle’s three point seatbelt system.
Additionally, if lower LATCH anchors are available in the chosen vehicle

seating position, the k-fix system can be used for added security.



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