Warning, Death or serious injury can occur – Kiddy Cruiserfix Pro User Manual

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3. Genaral Safety Warnings



• Failure to follow the instructions and labels can result in serious injury or

death from ejection or contacting the vehicle interior. Read and follow

the information provided in the instruction manual and product labels

before using this booster car seat.

• Children 33 to 100 lbs (15.0 to 45.4 kg) must use the booster car seat.

• Discontinue use of this booster car seat when child’s weight exceeds

100 lbs (45.4 kg), height exceeds 57 in. (145 cm) or top of ears are

above top of seat back.

• To prevent ejection or injury in a crash, proper adjustment and use is


• Check to make sure the booster car seat is properly adjusted to the size

of your child prior to travel. Do not attempt to make adjustments during travel.

• Make sure that the booster car seat has been installed in the vehicle

according to this operating manual.

• Use only the belt routing described in this manual and on the vehicle

seat labels to secure the child and booster car seat.

• The entire underside of the booster car seat must lie fully on the vehicle

seat. Do not place anything (e.g. cushions) under the booster car seat.

• Secure the child in this booster car seat with only a vehicle lap and

shoulder belt (also called 3-point belt).

• Never use only a vehicle lap belt to secure a child in this booster car seat.

• Make sure that all parts of the booster car seat are properly locked

in place.

• Never leave a child unattended in the booster car seat.

• If you need assistance with installation, please contact kiddy USA

Consumer Services at 1-855-92-KIDDY or consult your vehicle dealer or


• Prevent burns. Keep the booster car seat out of direct sunlight or cover

with a blanket or towel to prevent heating of the surfaces.

• Always secure the booster car seat with the vehicle’s belts even if no

child is in the booster car seat. An unsecured car seat can injure other

occupants in a crash.