Kiddy Cruiserfix Pro User Manual

Page 20

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9.1 Removing the headrest cover
The headrest and backrest cover are sewn together as a single unit.
Slide the adjustable headrest (F) up to the highest position.

Free the cover around the height adjustment handle (Q) at the back of the

headrest (H) and below both shoulder belt guides (B). Gently pull the cover

off the headrest (H) from the back towards the front.

9.2 Removing the shoulder rest cover
Slide the adjustable headrest (H) down to the lowest position. Unsnap the

buttons on the rear of the shoulder rests (I). Gently pull the covers off the

shoulder rests from bottom to top.

9.3 Removing the seat cover
The leg extension (K) cover is fastened with elastic. Gently pull the cover off

from one side.
Open the press studs and hook and loop fasteners underneath the leg

extension (K) and at the bottom of the seat (J).
Remove the strap from the backrest (C) and pull the cover off in an upward


9.4 Replacing the covers
To replace the covers, follow the steps for removing the covers in reverse

order (see sections 9.1 – 9.3).

10. Instructions for care

10.1 Washing the covers
- The covers are machine washable in cold water

and mild soap on the delicate cycle.