Warning, Death or serious injury can occur – Kiddy Cruiserfix Pro User Manual

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• Allow your child to take breaks during longer trips, and be sure that she /

he does not step out of the vehicle into traffic unattended.

• Always check and understand the vehicle’s operating manual regarding

how to use child restraint systems in your vehicle.

• The vehicle seat back must be in the upright position as recommended

by the vehicle manufacturer and locked in position (in vehicles with

fold-down backrests, through-loading facilities etc.).

• NEVER allow a child to play with this booster car seat. This booster car

seat is NOT a toy.

• Discontinue use of this booster car seat if it was used in a crash where

speed exceeded 10 mph. It must be returned to kiddy USA for

inspection and replacement if necessary.

• Discontinue use of this booster car seat after 8 years from the

manufacture date noted on the product.

• Do not use any accessories or parts supplied by other manufacturers.

• Do not make any modifications to the booster car seat; doing so will

reduce its effectiveness in a crash.

• Only transport a child properly secured in the booster car seat. Never

transport parcels or other objects in the booster car seat.

• Improper handling during installation or removal can cause damage to

your vehicle (e.g. paint damage or tears in the seat covers etc.) as well

as to the booster car seat.

• Vehicle seat covers made from materials such as velour, leather etc.

may show wear marks after using your booster car seat.

• You must register your booster car seat to be reached in the event of a

product recall or safety notice. Please take the time to fill out the

registration card and register today. You could also register your product



• Always use the child safety locks in your vehicles passenger doors, if


• Make sure that none of the booster car seat's parts are caught in doors

or reclining seats.