Kiddy Cruiserfix Pro User Manual

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2. Place the booster car seat on the vehicle

seat. To extend the k-fix connectors, press the

release button in the front under the leg

extension (Fig. 16). The k-fix connectors will

automatically extend from the back of the

booster car seat.

3. Test to confirm the connector hooks are

opened by pushing the release mechanisms

forward (Fig. 17).

The green indicators will not be showing when

the hooks are open and ready for installation.

4. Carefully position the booster car seat to

allow the k-fix connectors to slide into the guide

funnels (if used) and slide onto to the lower

anchors. Press firmly to lock the connectors in

place (Fig. 18).

5. If not using the guide funnels, it may be

necessary to rotate the k-fix connectors and

guide them onto the lower anchors.

6. When properly secured, the k-fix lock

indicators will show green (Fig. 19).
7. Test to confirm the k-fix connectors are

properly secured. Firmly pull the booster car

seat forward and side to side. Check that both

left and right side k-fix indicators show green.

8. To complete installation using the k-fix connectors, press and hold release

button while pressing the booster car seat towards the vehicle seatback.

The cruiserfix pro is installed and ready to secure your child with the vehicle’s

three point seatbelt as instructed in section ‘6.2 Securing your child’.



Fig. 16

Fig. 17

Fig. 18

Fig. 19