Warning, Death or serious injury can occur – Kiddy Cruiserfix Pro User Manual

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4. Choosing a vehicle seating position and preparing to install

the booster car seat

4.1 Vehicle seat location requirements:

According to crash statistics, the National

Highway Traffic Administration recommends

children 12 and under are safer when properly

restrained in the rear seating positions than in

the front seating positions. Use a vehicle rear

seating position whenever possible (Fig. 1).
In vans and minivans it is particularly important

to ensure that the booster car seat installed in

an easily accessible seat in the event that

third-party rescue is required.

For use in a motor vehicle, please follow the

manufacturer’s recommendations in the

vehicle manual, or contact your vehicle dealer

(Fig. 1).


• Do not use this booster car seat in a front seating location or seat with

front, side or seatbelt airbag unless recommended by the vehicle

manufacturer in the vehicle owner's manual.

• Always read the vehicle’s owner manual on how to use child restraint

systems/booster car seats in the vehicle or contact your dealer to make

sure that you follow the instructions of the vehicle’s manufacturer.

• Some vehicles have no seating positions which are compatible with this

booster child seat or any other child seat. If in doubt, contact the vehicle

manufacturer for assistance.

• Some types of vehicle belts are NOT compatible with this booster car seat.

• The entire underside of the booster car seat must lie fully on the vehicle

seat. Do not place anything (e.g. cushions) under the booster car seat.




Fig. 1