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All-discrete current-feedback amplifi er

Marantz’ proprietary current-feedback circuit, using discrete
components, is adopted in the pre amplifi er and power amplifi er.
It is a high-speed amplifi er using the latest technology developed
for the higher-grade amplifi ers.

HDAM-SA3 Technology

The V/I converter circuit, which is the key block of the current-
feedback pre-amplifi er and power amplifi er, is equivalent to the
HDAM-SA3 ampmodule developed for such higher-grade models
as the PM-11S2.

CD direct buffer amplifi er

An input buffer amplifi er exclusive for CD is mounted near the
CD input jacks. This is a high-speed buffer amplifi er made with
discrete components, which avoids interference between right
and left channels and can send the signals to the pre-amplifi er with
very high fi delity.

Improved momentary current supply ability

It is generally known that the sound quality is not necessarily the
same even if amplifi ers have the same specifi ations.
Marantz considers the cause to be the power to drive speakers.
The power amplifi er of this unit has the ability to momentarily
supply current of 25 A or more to drive speakers strongly.

Short-power-line layout

For strong momentary current supply, a short power-line layout
unifi es the power circuit and output stage of the power amplifi er
This layout allows connecting the large-current lines via the shortest
route while to arranging the left and right channels symmetrically.

Main features

All-Discrete current-feedback phono equalizer

As a phono equalizer amplifi er for MM cartridges, a constant
current-feedback PHONO equalizer of quality equal to that of the
higher-grade model PM-11S2 is used.

Double-shielded triodal transformer

The unit is equipped with a toroidal power transformer to minimize
vibration and leakage fl ux specifi c to the transformer.
Especially to reduce leakage fl ux, which affects sound quality, the
periphery is double-shielded, using a core ring and a short ring.

Block condenser of large capacity

A large-capacity condenser of 18,000μF is used in the power circuit
of the power amplifi er. In the preamplifi er, a 4700μF condenser is

High-performance volume

Capacitor for high quality sound

Double-layered chassis

High-grade speaker terminals

Tri-tone control

This unit has a 3-tone control function for adjusting the midrange
sound in addition to the bass and treble sounds so that you can
make a more variable sound adjustment according to source and

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