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Page 9: Connecting the audio equipment, Connecting cables, Connecting the speakers cables

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• Do not plug in the power cord until all connections have been


• When making connections, also refer to the operating instructions

of the other components.

• Be sure to connect the left and right channels properly (left with

left, right with right).

• Do not bundle power cords with connection cables. Doing so can

result in humming or noise.

• Do not turn up the volume without a turntable connected to the

PHONO input terminals. Doing so will cause humming or noise.


Connecting cables

Select the cables according to the equipment being connected.

Audio cables

Analog connections (stereo)







Stereo pin-plug cable

Speaker connections

Speaker cables


• Connect the speaker cables so they do not stick out of the speaker

terminals. The protection circuit may be activated if the wires touch
the rear panel or if the + and – sides touch each other (“Protection

• Never touch the speaker terminals while the power supply is

connected. Doing so could result in electric shock.


Protection circuit

The protection circuit is be activated in the following situations:
• If the speaker cable wire touches the rear panel or screws or if

the speaker cable wire touches the speaker cable’s + and – sides
are touching

• If the surrounding temperature is extremely high
• If the inside of the amplifier gets hot to extended use at a high


If the protection circuit is activated, the speaker output is blocked
and the power indicator flashes in red. If this happens, unplug the
power cord, then check the connections of the speaker cables and
input cables. If the unit becomes very hot, wait for it to cool off and
improve the ventilation around it. After doing this, plug the power
cord back in.
If the protection circuit is activated even though there are no
problems with the ventilation around the unit or in connections,
the unit may be damaged. Turn off the power and then contact a
Marantz service center.

Basic connections

Connecting the speakers

Connecting the speakers cables

Carefully check the left (L) and right (R) channels and + (red) and –
(white) polarities on the speakers being connected to the unit, and be
sure to connect the channels and polarities correctly.


Peel off about 10 mm of sheathing
from the tip of the speaker cable,
then either twist the core wire tightly
or apply solder to it.


Turn the speaker terminal
counterclockwise to loosen it.


Insert the speaker cable’s core
wire to all the way into the speaker


Turn the speaker terminal clockwise
to tighten it.

When using a banana plug

Tighten the speaker terminal
firmly before inserting the banana

Connecting the audio equipment

Cautions on playing SA(Super Audio) sources:
When regular speakers not compatible with SA sources (DVD Audio discs, Super Audio CDs and other sources, including treble components
above the audible range), set the properties of the player (DVD Audio player, Super Audio CD player, etc.) for use with regular speakers (or
The speakers may be damaged if the volume is set too high when playing SA sources. For instructions on player settings, refer to the
operating instructions included with the player.

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