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Lamp Handing Precautions


This SHP uses a high voltage glass mercury vapor
lamp. The lamp can break or fail to light if handled
wrongly during replacement or because of the
projector’s surrounding temperature.
Lamp life also varies according to the lamp with
some even breaking or failing to light as soon as
they are used the first time. If the lamp breaks,
glass fragments may be scattered inside the lamp
unit and projector, and gas inside the lamp bulb
that contains mercury vapor may be emitted from
the projector’s vent.
Before use, carefully read the projector user guide
and the lamp replacement instructions. Remember
to handle the lamp with care. In the event of
serious trouble, call for Marantz authorized dealer.

• Do not look directly into the lamp with bare

eyes while lit. The bright light can cause sore
eyes and impair vision.

• Do not directly expose skin to the light of the

lamp. Direct exposure can inflame the skin.

• Do not drop, impact, subject to excessive force

or otherwise damage the lamp.

• Replacing the lamp runs the risk of burns and

electric shock, therefore shut OFF power
supply, unplug the AC power cord from AC
power outlet and wait at least 60 minutes for
the lamp to cool down before attempting to
replace it.

• If the lamp breaks, unplug the AC power cord

from AC power outlet and call for Marantz
authorized dealer to replace it. Do not replace
the lamp yourself or clean up broken glass
inside the projector as this can result in cuts
and burns to you or damages inside the

• If the projector is hung from a ceiling or

installed in a high place, it is extremely
dangerous to replace the lamp. In this case, do
not replace or handle the damaged lamp


• The chance of the lamp breaking is high after

extended use. It is recommended to replace
the lamp when near the end of its designed
life. Do not use a lamp beyond the maximum
lighting time.

• Use only Marantz original lamp units. Check

the model code of the lamp unit matches that
in the user guide.

• Before replacing the lamp, read carefully

“Lamp Unit Replacement” in the user guide.
Replace the lamp as explained therein.

• Entrust disposal of a used lamp to a licensed

industrial waste handler or return it to the place
of purchase. Do not break the lamp or discard
with general waste.

• If the lamp breaks, leave the area immediately

and stay away for at least 30 minutes, and
ventilate the room so as not to inhale the
mercury vapor.

• If you inhale the mercury vapor, see a

physician immediately and follow his



This section must be read carefully before any
connection is made to the mains supply.


For warranty information, contact your local
Marantz distributor.


Your purchase receipt is your permanent record of
a valuable purchase. It should be kept in a safe
place to be referred to as necessary for insurance
purposes or when corresponding with Marantz.


When seeking warranty service, it is the
responsibility of the consumer to establish proof
and date of purchase. Your purchase receipt or
invoice is adequate for such proof.


This undertaking is in addition to a consumer’s
statutory rights and does not affect those rights in
any way.


Your Marantz product has been prepared to
comply with the household power and safety
requirements that exist in your area.


Recording and playback of some material may
require permission. For further information refer to
the following:


Copyright Act 1956


Dramatic and Musical Performers Act 1958


Performers Protection Acts 1963 and 1972


Any subsequent statutory enactments and


– Do not expose the equipment to rain or


– Do not remove the cover from the equipment.
– Do not insert anything into the equipment

through the ventilation holes.

– Do not handle the mains lead with wet hands.
– Do not cover the ventilation with any items

such as tablecloths, newspapers, curtains,

– No naked flame sources, such as lighted

candles, should be placed on the equipment.

– When disposing of used batteries, please

comply with governmental regulations or
environmental public instruction’s rules that
apply in your country or area.

– Do not place anything about 1 meter above

the top panel.

– Make a space of about 0.2 meter around the


– When the projector is mounted on the ceiling,

the Ceiling Mount Kit approved by MARANTZ
must be used for installation.

– Do not look into the lens when the projector

is turned on. It could damage your eyesight.

– Unplug the projector from the wall outlet if it

is not to be used for a few days.

– When the switch is in the OFF position, the

apparatus is NOT disconnected from the AC
supply mains.

– The socket-outlet shall be installed near the

equipment and shall be easily accessible.

– No objects filled with liquids, such as vases,

shall be placed on the apparatus.

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