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The section describes the care and maintenance tasks that must be
performed to optimize the operation of your Marantz equipment.


The exterior finish of your unit will last indefinitely with proper care and
cleaning. Never use scouring pads, steel wool, scouring powders or
harsh chemical agents (e.g., lye solution), alcohol, thinners, benzine,
insecticide or other volatile substances as these will mar the finish of the
equipment. Likewise, never use cloths containing chemical substances.
If the equipment gets dirty, wipe the external surfaces with a soft, lint-
free cloth.
If the equipment becomes heavily soiled:

–– dilute some washing up liquid in water, in a ratio of one part

detergent to six parts water.

–– dip a soft, lint free in the solution and wring the cloth out until it is


–– wipe the equipment with the damp cloth.
–– dry the equipment by wiping it with a dry cloth.


Only the most competent and qualified service technicians should be
allowed to service the equipment. The Marantz company and its
factory-trained warranty station personnel have the knowledge and
special facilities needed for repair and calibration of this precision
equipment. After the warranty period has expired, repairs will be
performed for a charge if the equipment can be returned to normal
In the event of difficulty, refer to your dealer or write directly to the
nearest location to you that is listed on the Marantz Authorised Service
Station list. If writing, please include the model and serial number of the
equipment together with a full description of what you think is abnormal
about the equipment’s behaviour.


Should faults occur, it is in many cases not necessary to consult your
dealer or Marantz technical service department. On the basis of the
following checks you will be able to rectify a number of faults yourself
without difficulty.
If the fault cannot be remedied after the following checks, please
consult your dealer or nearest Marantz service agent.

Does sound come from only one side?

–– Check the connections of the loudspeaker which is not working.
–– Check the connections between the sound source and receiver.
–– If using headphones, check that the plug is properly inserted into

the jack.

Does the receiver hum, buzz or howl during recording or

–– Check the earth (GND) connection of the record player.
–– Are the connection plugs pushed far enough into the jacks?
–– Keep the connection cable to the record player as far away as

possible from the mains power cable (in case of hum) or TV circuits
(in case of buzz).

–– The receiver may howl as a result of acoustic feedback from the

loudspeakers to the record player. This occurs mainly at higher
In this case change the positioning of the loudspeakers.

You cannot hear anything, and no indicator lights up?

–– The receiver is not switched on
–– The receiver is not connected to a mains power outlet.
–– The mains power outlet is not live.

You cannot hear anything, but an indicator lights up?

–– Are the function buttons in the correct position?
–– Is the selected sound source functioning properly?
–– Is the volume control high enough?

Do not keep it in the maximum position!

–– Are the loudspeakers connected properly?

Before you check this, ensure that the receiver is switched off.

Was the recording unsuccessful?

–– Faulty operation of the signal source to be recorded.

Remote control is not working.

–– Check that the batteries of the remote control are not exhausted.

If they are, replace them with two new batteries.

Troubles occurring during CD playback

A CD cannot be played.

–– Is the CD loaded properly?

Place the CD with the label side facing up.

–– Is the CD dirty?

Clean the CD.

–– Is the CD scratched or otherwise damaged?

Use another CD.

CD playback stops in the middle or the sound is intermittent.

–– Is the CD dirty?
–– Is the CD scratched or otherwise damaged?
–– Is the CD warped?