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Controls At A Glance


Select Cycle



COLORS is designed to clean colored items as well as dress shirts,

dress pants, business casual and poly/cotton to reduce wrinkling.

PRESOAK (select model): provides a total of 33 minutes wash

time. The first 12 minutes are periods of agitation and soak
followed by 21 minutes of agitation. Presoak automatically
advances through the wash cycle.

HEAVY: 18 minutes of wash time.

NORMAL: 12 minutes of wash time.

LIGHT: 9 minutes of wash.

WHITES is designed to clean

underwear, T-shirts and other
cotton sturdy items like towels,
sheets, jeans etc.

HEAVY: 21 minutes of wash


NORMAL: 15 minutes of

wash time.

LIGHT: 9 minutes of wash


DELICATES is designed to

clean items requiring a gentle
wash action. This would
include blouses, nylons, lin-
gerie and dress shirts.

NORMAL: 15 minutes of

wash and soak cleaning

LIGHT: 9 minutes of wash

and soak cleaning action.

Press the control dial in and turn clockwise
to the desired cycle. Pull the dial out to start
the washer.


Select Water Level

Simply move the slide lever up or down to the
desired setting. Select models have an infinite
slide lever that can be set anywhere from
Super to Mini. If more water is needed once
the fill is complete, move the lever up to reset
and then to the proper setting.



3/4 – Full

1/2 – 3/4 Full

1/3 – 1/2 Full

1/4 Full


REMEMBER: Items must circulate freely for best results.

NOTE: HEAVY and NORMAL settings on all cycles
will change agitation speeds during the wash time.
You may hear this change in speed. This is normal.

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