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Using the 30 Day Detergent Dispenser

(select models)

Filling Dispenser

1) Unscrew the dispenser fill cap (figure 1).

2) Pour in your favorite liquid detergent, up to 100

fluid ounces at one time.

3) Replace the dispenser fill cap.

4) Close the washer lid.

5) Open the washer lid.

6) Move the slide indicator all the way to the top (fig-

ure 1). Next, follow steps 7 and 8 to set the amount
of detergent used for the average load.

7) Place the cap of your detergent bottle under the

“PUSH” button. Fill the cap with detergent from
the dispenser as full as you would for most of your
loads by pressing and holding the “PUSH” button
(figure 2). Place the detergent from the cap either
in the tub or back in the dispenser by removing the
dispenser fill cap.

8) Move the slide indicator to the level of the liquid

in the sight glass (figure 3). For your next load of
laundry, just press and hold the “PUSH” button
until the detergent moves down to the slide indica-
tor to dispense detergent directly into the tub.

9) The sight glass on the right side shows how much

detergent remains in the dispenser. Refill the dis-
penser when the detergent level nears the bottom
of the refill indicator window.

Note: Steps 7 and 8 only need to be done ONCE when
first filling the dispenser or changing brands of

Note: If you decide to change brands of liquid deter-
gent (Example: Tide


to Wisk


or Tide with Bleach



to Tide


) it is important the dispenser be

empty and clean before adding new detergent (see
page 7). Different detergents may interact and clog
the dispenser.

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