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To Remove the Dispenser for Cleaning

1) Support the bottom of the dispenser with one hand. Use

a quarter and turn four slotted screws counter clockwise
1/4 turn (figure 1).

2) Pull the dispenser out from the bottom of the lid.

3) Remove fill cap.

4) Fill with water about half way. Move the dispenser from

side to side to wash out detergent.

5) With the dispenser over a large sink or bath tub, turn it

upside down to empty the water/detergent out of the
dispenser fill area.

To Replace the Dispenser

1) Place the top of the dispenser in the top lip of the lid.

2) Push the bottom of the dispenser into the bottom of the


3) While supporting the bottom, use a quarter and turn each

of the four screws 1/4 turn clockwise to lock the dis-
penser into place.

4) Close the washer lid.

5) Open the washer lid.

6) Press the “PUSH” button to release any remaining

water/detergent. Repeat steps 4–6 until no more water
can be drained from the dispenser. It is normal for a
small amount of water to remain in the dispenser after

7) Refill the dispenser with your favorite detergent (see

page 6).

Care and Cleaning

Turn off the water faucets after finishing the day’s washing.
This will shut off the water supply to the washer and pre-
vent the unlikely possibility of damage from escaping

Use a soft cloth to wipe up all detergent, bleach or other
spills as they occur.

Clean the following as recommended:

Control Panel – clean with a soft, damp cloth and glass

cleaner. Do not use abrasive powders or cleaning pads.

Cabinet – clean with soap and water.

Interior – hard water deposits may be removed, if needed,

using a recommended cleaner labeled washer safe.

Storing the Washer

Washers can be damaged if water is not removed from
hoses and internal components before storage. Prepare the
washer for storage as follows:

• Select NORMAL on the WHITES cycle and add one cup

of bleach or white vinegar to a full load of water without
clothes. Run the washer through a complete cycle.

• Turn the water faucets off and disconnect the inlet hoses.

• Advance the cycle control dial to Spin and lower the

drain hose to eliminate any water that may be in the
drain hose.

• Disconnect the washer from the electrical supply and

leave the washer lid open to let air circulate inside the

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